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How often does an organization sit down with members of the community and ask for their input on a development in their area? It's pretty rare - and that's exactly what Sharon United Methodist Church is doing with Dream Big SouthPark! We want your input on our new community church and center.

We feel that the new structure should be a reflection of the people in the community and the things they want and need. That's why we're coming to you! Share your ideas with us and build your own church. Our vision is to be the spiritual crossroads of SouthPark by re-imaging church and community. Our organic church community has been described as experiential, participatory, image driven, and connectional.

Contact us in Charlotte, North Carolina, to learn more about our building project and get involved in an exciting community project.

About Us

Dream Big SouthPark in Charlotte, North Carolina, is a local building project that's getting the community involved in their own community center and church. Our goal is to involve not only our congregation and members, but the entire community–including you–in designing and building our new seven-acre development.

We're working to build an amazing new facility for the congregation and community, and you can help us design it! The new Sharon United Methodist Church isn't just about us–it's your church and you should have input. Since 1966, we've been actively partnering with schools in our community, helping those less fortunate and sharing our message of hope. Now we want to give back even more, and we need your help to do it.

Get really involved.  Join us on Sunday at 9:00 for our traditional or 11:15 for our contemporary service.

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